Discard 2 Determination tokens to reroll any green die rolled during an Explore Action. You must accept the new result.

You can’t gain tokens from the result of a roll, then spend those very same tokens to use this ability and reroll the same roll!


Discard 2 Determination tokens to draw 3 Island tiles from the stack and look at them. Shuffle 2 of them back into the stack and then put the third on top.

You can use this ability immediately before an Explore Action, but not during the Action — that is, you can’t use this ability to draw two additional tiles after having already revealed one.

Motivational speech

Discard 3 Determination tokens to increase Morale by 1 immediately.


Discard 3 Determination tokens to immediately draw two Discovery tokens, choose one and discard the other. If you do this during the Action Phase, place the token you choose in the Future Resources space; otherwise, it is immediately available.