Robinson Crusoe

Build Action


This Action allows you to:

• build a Shelter (one attempt per round)

• increase the Roof or Palisade level (unlimited attempts per round)

• increase the Weapon level (unlimited attempts per round)

• turn an Invention into an Item (one attempt per Invention per round)

Planning the Action

Each Build Action can be attempted with 2 Action pawns (for an automatic success) or 1 pawn (to take a risk), if you have the required resources and meet any other requirements, such as existing Items. Place the pawn(s) and any required resources on the Shelter, Roof, Palisade or Weapon spaces, or on an Invention card, depending on what you want to build.

Note that all Invention cards can be built by anyone, except for each character’s personal Invention on the right side of their character sheet, which can only be built by that character.

The resource cost for building the Shelter, Roof or Palisade vary according to the number of players (not counting Friday, who is not a player):

• 1–2 players: 2 wood or 1 fur

• 3 players: 3 wood or 2 fur

• 4 players: 4 wood or 3 fur

You can't combine the two different resources in a single Build Action. You must pay each time entirely in either wood or fur.

Build Actions are considered to take place at the camp, meaning that they are affected by relevant tokens on the Island tile with the camp as well as any tokens on the Build space.

Resolving the Action

If you assigned 2 pawns to the Action, it succeeds. If you assigned only 1 pawn, roll the Build (brown) dice to determine the outcome and resolve them in the order Wound, Success, Adventure.

If the Action succeeds, discard any assigned resources. Then:

• If you built the Shelter, place a black marker in the Shelter space, and flip over the camp token to the Shelter side immediately.

• If you built the Roof, Palisade or Weapon levels, increase the level on the relevant track.

• If you built an Invention, flip the card to the Item side and place it in the Future Resources space.

• If you built your character’s personal Invention, flip the card to the Item side and place it in the Future Resources space, then take 2 Determination tokens.

• If you built a scenario-specific Invention shown on the scenario sheet, mark it with a black marker to show that it has been built.

If the Action fails, return assigned resources to the Available Resources space and any Determination tokens to the relevant character sheet.