Robinson Crusoe

Quick round reference


1. Event Phase

The first round of the game has no Event Phase.
From round 2 onward:

1. Draw the top card from the Event deck and resolve .

• If it wasn’t an Event card, draw another card.

• If the card shows a book icon, resolve the effect on the scenario sheet.

• If the card shows an // adventure icon, place the matching Adventure token on the matching Adventure deck.

2. Resolve the event text.

3. Place the card in the right-hand Threat space and move cards to the left. If a card is moved off the board, resolve its Threat Effect.

2. Morale Phase

Check Morale. If you are the first player, gain or discard Determination tokens (or heal 1 Wound). If you can’t discard enough tokens, take 1 Wound per missing token.

3. Production Phase

Take wood and food according to the sources on the Island tile with the camp.

4. Action Phase

1. Assign pawns and resources

2. Resolve Actions, removing pawns as you do.

3. Resolve newly acquired Treasures.

4. Resolve newly built Items and place on board.

5. Move resources and tokens to Available Resources space.

5. Weather Phase

1. Roll dice according to scenario sheet and add tokens in Weather space.

2. Discard 1 wood per snow cloud.

3. Discard 1 wood and 1 food per point of difference between Roof level and sum of snow and rain clouds.

4. Resolve Hungry Animals die.

5. Reduce Palisade level by 1 if storm is present.

6. Discard all Weather tokens.

6. Night Phase

1. Each player discards 1 food or takes 2 Wounds.

2. Move camp if desired.

3. Each character takes 1 Wound if there is no Shelter.

4. Discard all food except non-perishable.

5. Remove markers from characters’ special ability spaces.

6. Move round marker and pass First Player token.