Robinson Crusoe

About Event cards


At the start of the game, the Event deck is made up of Event cards. As the game continues, Adventure and Mystery cards may be added to it.

During the Event Phase of each round (except round 1), you will draw and resolve one or more cards from the Event deck following the rules for the Event Phase.

Each Event card has the following elements:


Book icon: Resolve the effect described on the scenario sheet.

Adventure icon: Place the Adventure token of the appropriate colour on the relevant deck.

Event effect

The upper area of the card shows the effect that takes place when you draw the card.

Threat Action

The lower area of the card shows the Action pawns and resources you must assign to the card during the planning step of the Action Phase in order to achieve a positive effect. The positive effect is also described.

Threat Effect

The bottom of the card (darker shaded area) describes what will happen if the card moves off the Threat space.