Robinson Crusoe

Action dice


The game comes with nine Action dice: three each for the Build (brown), Gather (grey) and Explore (green) Actions.

You have to roll Action dice when you resolve one of these three Actions, but not enough Action pawns were assigned to guarantee success. Normally, this will be when only one pawn was assigned, but in some circumstances an Action may require more than one pawn and still require you to roll the dice.

The results of the roll determine the outcome of the Action. These results are independent of each other. It is possible for an Action to succeed or not, regardless of whether the character is wounded or has an adventure.

If you have a special ability allowing you to reroll a die, you must do this immediately after rolling and before resolving the results.

1. Wound die

This die determines whether the resolving character suffers 1 Wound () or not (blank).

2. Success die

This die determines whether the Action succeeds () or not (). If you don't succeed, the resolving character takes 2 Determination tokens, as shown on the die.

3. Adventure die

This die determines whether the resolving character has an adventure () or not (blank). If you roll an Adventure result, draw the top card from the relevant Adventure deck and resolve its top half. (You are allowed to read the bottom half too, so you know what is coming.)

The result of this die is overruled if there is an Adventure token on the space, in which case you must always draw a card.

If Friday (alone, or with neutral pawns) is resolving an Action and rolls the Adventure result, he takes 1 Wound instead of drawing a card.