Robinson Crusoe

Explore Action


This Action allows you to explore spaces on the board and add new Island tiles.

Planning the Action

Each Explore Action can be attempted with 2 Action pawns (for an automatic success) or 1 pawn (to take a risk). Place the Action pawns on the space to be explored.

The following restrictions apply:

• There must be an uninterrupted path of explored tiles between the camp and the space where you want to Explore.

• If you want to Explore a space that is not adjacent to the camp, you must assign 1 further pawn for every step of distance from the camp after the first (adjacent) tile.

You can plan multiple Explore Actions in a single round, but only one per Island space (or tile, if you are performing a special Explore Action from the scenario sheet).

Resolving the Action

If you assigned 2 pawns to the Action, it succeeds. If you assigned only 1 pawn, roll the Explore (green) dice to determine the outcome and resolve them in the order Wound, Success, Adventure.

If the Action fails, nothing happens.

If the Action succeeds:

1. Draw the topmost Island tile from the stack and place it face-up in the explored space.

2. Check the terrain type. Place a black marker on the matching terrain type icon shown on all Invention cards on the board and scenario sheet, to remind you that the terrain type requirement is now fulfilled.

3. If the new tile shows the Beast symbol, draw a card from the Beast deck without looking and shuffle it into the Hunting deck (or, if the Hunting deck is empty, the card simply becomes the new Hunting deck).

4. If the new tile shows the Totem symbol, check the scenario sheet to see what this means.

5. Draw the indicated number of Discovery tokens and place them face-up in the Future Resources space.