“Tend Landscape” (Advanced Game)


If you turn in Wood to the haversack, you may place 1 of your collected landscapes beside any location where you are the serf and score veneration points (vp) . Only 1 landscape is allowed per location. Landscapes may not be replaced. Important: Play this instead of the regular improve action.

Immediately upon placing a landscape, AND at the dawn of each subsequent epoch (after scoring), take 3 designated resources and add them to the tile. Each time, you may choose to collect all of the resources that have accumulated, or let the resources continue to grow. When you decide to collect the resources, you must pay 1 resource to the location’s ruler. The landscapes and their resources are:

Orchard: food

Archery Butt: targets

Silver Mine: shillings

Sulfur Mine: sulfur

Note: Targets are traded in for influence markers from the general supply when you collect the resources.

At the dawn of each epoch (before adding resources), score veneration points for each landscape tended by your serf(s). Score 2 veneration points (vp) per empty landscape and 4 veneration points (vp) per landscape containing 1 or more resources. In order to score the higher value, players may forgo immediate collection of resources. Of course, be aware that other players may pilfer resources!

Note: Tended landscapes count towards active regions during epoch scoring.