3. Push out of Guild (Alchemist)


The guild master at the Alchemist Guild completes 1-3 inventions (either vessels and/or barrels of krud) by removing available goods from the carts/piles per the production chart and returning them to the haversack.

Production Chart

Ship: 1 food + 2 wood
Submersible: 1 food + 2 iron
Flying machine: 1 food + 1 iron + 1 wood
1st barrel of krud: 2 saltpeter + 1 sulfur
2nd barrel of krud: 1 saltpeter + 1 sulfur
3rd barrel of krud: 1 wood

If you complete 1/2/3 inventions, you receive 4/5/6 veneration points (vp) respectively.

Note: While the first krud barrel will always cost 3 goods, multiple barrels created are completed with increasing ease.

Vessels & Closed Ferryboat routes

When vessels are completed, the creator stacks them on the vessel space covering the ferryboat symbol.

Note: If the symbol is covered by one or more vessels, ferryboat routes are CLOSED!

Krud Barrels

When barrels of krud (gunpowder) are invented, the creator fills up the leading barrel section in every player’s row with influence markers at the Knight Guild! Each player has a row divided into 3 barrel sections. The first barrel holds 1 marker per player, the second holds 2 markers and the final barrel holds 3. If at least 1 player has an entire row empty, 3 barrels can be invented—otherwise barrel creation is limited.

Note: Some players may receive fewer markers per barrel created depending on empty or partially filled sections in their rows.