Feudums, Vassals & Military Service


The moment you rule a feudum, you become a vassal, earning you powerful status in the related guild. However, you must now pay tribute to the king in the form of military service. If you do not perform several conquer actions by the end of the game, you could lose veneration points for disloyalty.

Tip: Even one conquer action will help a vassal immensely.

Details on how to conquer are presented in "Conquer Action", but the military service track works as follows: When you conquer an opponent, you may place 1 of your player discs (blank side up) on the FIRST catapult projectile space on the military service track. After each subsequent conquer action, place another one of your discs on the SECOND space and so on.

If you fail to perform conquers by the dawn of the epochs designated with catapult icons, you must subtract the veneration points (vp) noted in the epoch’s related catapult space, as well the negative value in the uncovered space(s) before it. In this way, penalties for disloyalty are cumulative. You may satisfy your military service earlier (or later) than the designated epoch.