Turn Overview


Each epoch is made up of 1 or more rounds. Each round consists of 5 steps, briefly described here:

Step 1: Take Actions

All players secretly select 4 out of their 11 action cards. Then, each player executes them one at a time in turn order.

Step 2: Nourish Pawns

All players must sustain pawns on the board with food and/or wine.

Step 3: Roll Progress Die

Roll the progress die to determine a region tile to remove.

Step 4: Advance Epoch Marker & Score Epoch (If Triggered)

If a new epoch is triggered, advance the epoch marker, score veneration points and replenish the board with resources as directed. Otherwise go to Step 5.

Step 5: End Round or End Game & Final Scoring

Pass the starting player marker clockwise and begin a new round. If epoch 5 was triggered during the round, the game is over. After scoring the epoch, perform final scoring.