Reeves (Advanced Game)


When you perform a journeyman’s pull or a guild master’s push, you may add a maximum of 1 Reeve disc to the guild (top left or right respectively) to immediately score a bonus of +1 veneration point (vp) AND another +1 veneration point (vp) if your second reeve is in play at another guild! A future push or pull done with your reeve present will score in th same manner

Note: Players who throw feasts do NOT score for their opponent’s reeves. If you switch from journeyman to guild master or vice versa, move your reeve to that side of the guild. If you are demoted to apprentice (4 to 5-player game), or get bumped off the guild, return the reeve to your personal supply.

Note: Using your reeves may limit you from entering the Epic Voyage and Military Service Tracks!