Last epoch triggered & final scoring


If epoch 5 was triggered during the round, the game is nearly over. Complete all remaining actions and score the epoch as usual.

Then, perform Final Scoring as follows:

Epic Voyage: 3/5, 7/9, 11/13, 17 veneration points (vp)

Score the higher value if you are in the lead (or tied) in any section.

Large Empires

• Each outpost, farm, town ruled: 1 veneration point (vp)

• Each feudum ruled: 3 veneration points (vp)

• 3 identical locations ruled: 3 veneration points (vp) (Here, a feudum is “wild” and may either match itself or another
location type)

3 Shillings: 1 veneration point (vp)

Royal Writ with king’s seal: ? veneration points (vp)

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