Gameplay overview


During the game, you will secure membership status in different guilds by putting pawns and/or feudums into play. You will also race to rule locations, as this reinforces your guild status, and unlocks additional actions. Latecomers must settle for serfdom—but this can be advantageous!

Players who hurry to improve locations in each region are rewarded immediate veneration points (vp) and valuable region tiles! Tiles can be traded for any good, or used by your serfs to tend landscapes. As tiles are drawn, the dawn of each epoch is triggered and veneration points (vp) are scored for status in the guilds, landscapes tended and regions in which you are active.

If you are ambitious, you may acquire a feudum to become a vassal and increase your guild status immensely. However, you then must pay homage to the king by conquering opponents throughout the game to avoid negative veneration points (vp) for disloyalty.

All players may trade with guilds to get the resources they need. However, only guild members may move goods from guild to guild in return for immediate veneration points (vp)! You may decide to thwart the flow of goods, but be warned, a player could throw you a “feast” and perform your guild powers while you are incapacitated.