3. Push out of Guild (Farmer)


The guild master at the Farmer Guild moves 5 goods (fewer if impossible) from the Farmer Guild to the Merchant Guild. Place the goods in their respective bins. If there is no room for a particular good, you may not transfer it. If you complete 1/2/3 rows or columns, you receive 4/5/6 veneration points (vp) respectively. (You may complete rows/columns that were partially flled.)
Note: During this function, you may complete rows or columns, but not both, as a good may not count twice toward your goal.

Farmer’s Purse

When the guild master at the Farmer Guild per forms the push function, he splits any shillings in the farmer’s purse with the journeyman, keeping the odd numbered shilling. If there is no journeyman, that portion remains in the purse for the next distribution.