Epic Voyage


If you successfully play the Move Action twice in a single round, you may take 1 of your player discs and place it on the first space of the epic voyage track. If you are already on the track, advance your disc to the next space.

The epic voyage track is divided into sections. At the end of the game, the leading player disc in each section will score the higher of the two veneration point values printed in that section (3/5, 7/9, 11/13 veneration points ). If 2 discs are tied, they both score the higher value. The fourth section contains only 1 space: the monastery. Any marker reaching this spot will receive 17 veneration points. Note: A pawn must move at least 1 space for the move action to be successful.

Upon reaching a space marked with a card icon, draw 2 Royal Writ cards and keep 1 of them. Return the other card to the bottom of the deck.