Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interact with Location discs?
You can influence an empty location to become its ruler, or if the location is already ruled by another player, to become the location's serf. Locations can also be upgraded by their ruler to the next step. (Outposts->Farms->Towns- >Feudums) When a Town is upgraded into a Feudum, the owner picks one of the 6 Feudum types.
What are Location discs?
There are 22 locations on the board, split between 6 separate regions. Each Location has a disk on it which represents what that location is: Outpost, Farm, Town or Feudum.
How do I get Pawns?
You can add Pawns to the board with the Migrate action. You can control Monsters when you purchase at least 3 influence markers from the Knights Guild.
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What are Pawns?
Pawns are pieces you control that move around the map; they also give you status in the Guilds (except Monsters). Pawns allow you to influence (except Monsters), conquer and defend map locations.
What are Writ Cards?
Writ cards come in 2 types: Mandates and Charters and Actions. Mandates can be played at any time. Mandates are returned to the bottom of the Royal Writ deck after play. Charters are kept in your hand and played for VPs at Game end and require a King’s Seal to score.
How do I use Vessels?
Deploy a Vessel from your supply to the board under one of your Pawns. This does not cost an action. The Pawn can then board the Vessel and travel via certain routes that are otherwise inaccessible.
How do I get Vessels?
They can be bought from the Alchemist Guild or acquired from supply through some Writ card Mandates.
What are Vessels?
They are important means of Transport in the game.
What are Landscape tiles used for?
Landscape tiles in your supply can be converted to a good of your choice. Landscape tiles in your supply are given to your Serfs to be Tended, which enables VPs and other benefits to be earned during the game.
What are Landscape tiles?
They are special tiles that drive game length and Landscaping in the game.
What are Rosary Beads used for?
They increase your Harvest yield when taking the Harvest action. They will flip into King’s seals when taking Harvest kickbacks.
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What are Rosary Beads?
They are a special type of Resource in the game that helps with farming and to turn into King’s Seals.
What are King’s Seals used for?
They are used to seal Royal Writ Charter cards that score VPs at game end. They can sometimes protect Subjects or Serfs from being starved by a Noble. They are also used to improve Towns into Feudums.
What are King’s Seals?
They are a special resource with special uses in the game.
What are Shillings?
Shillings are the game's main currency and can be spent in numerous ways. You also get 1 VP for every 3 leftover Shillings at game end.
What do you use resources for?
Resources are used for improving locations, spending them for various Royal Mandate benefits, nourishing Pawns with food or wine, spending them to get extra actions or extra attack power, trading them with the Farmers guild, etc.
What are resource cubes?
There are 5 resources in the game: - saltpeter (white cubes) - sulfur (yellow cubes) - food (green cubes) - iron (black cubes) - wood (brown cubes)
What are Influence Markers?
They are player colored markers that are used to: - mark Guild membership - influence map locations - show monster ownership
How do you place them/use Reeves?
When you do a Push/Pull in a Guild and a Reeve is not already there, add one from your supply to the guild and score an extra VP. If a Reeve is already at that guild, score 1 VP for it, then score 1 VP if your other Reeve is present at another Guild.
How do you get Reeves?
You start with 2 Reeves and are limited to 2 for the whole game.
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What are Reeves?
Reeves are player disks that are placed in guilds when you do Push/Pull actions and they add 1 VP to these actions.
How do I get Landscape tiles?
1. By improving a location you rule. 2. Playing a specific Royal Writ card which allows you to roll progress die to get a tile (discarding a wood or iron). Landscape tiles can be spent as Wild goods, or to enable Serfs to tend landscapes.
How do I get Rosary Beads?
1. Purchase 1 (random value) for 3 shillings from the Monks Guild. 2. Get 1 (higher value) from the supply by playing a certain Royal Writ Mandate. Beads are used to improve your Harvest action by increasing the yield. Your Beads will turn into Royal Seals when you take harvest kickbacks.
How do I get Royal Writ cards?
1. Reach the relevant spots on the Epic Voyage track. 2. Perform a successful Journeyman Pull action. 3. Take the Explore action when you rule an Outpost.
How do I get Wood/Iron/Sulfur/Saltpeter?
1. Purchase these (up to 3 goods) from the Merchants Guild for stated cost. 2. Tend a Sulfur Mine to get Sulfur when Mine is established or during dawn of Epoch replenish landscapes step. 3. Pilfer 1 good when taking the Move action. 4. Take farming kickbacks during Harvesting. 5. Playing certain Royal Writ Mandate(s). 6. Discard a Landscape tile from your supply to take 1 good of your choice. 7. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all sulfur from his sulfur mine in a location you rule, he pays you one sulfur.
How do I get influence markers?
1. Purchase your row of markers from the Knights Guild for 3 shillings. 2. Have a Knight pawn on the board and play the Tax action card to get 1 marker from supply/Guild. 3. Retrieve Conquered/Starved rulers and/or subjects from the board. 4. When a monster you control is defeated, retrieve your influence marker used to show monster ownership. 5. Exchanging Archer butts from your Serf's landscape for influence (one for one), when establishing the landscape or at dawn of Epoch step. 6. Playing certain Royal Writ Mandate(s). 7. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all Archery butts from his landscape in a location you rule, he pays you one Archery butt. 8. When you are kicked out of a guild (demoted from Journeyman in a 2-3 player game, or demoted from Apprentice in a 4-6 player game), you retrieve your influence marker and any reeves in that guild back into your supply.
How do I get shillings?
1. Become Guildmaster/Journeyman in Guilds, as these receive payments from players trading with that Guild. 2. Tend a Silver Mine as a Serf and collect the shillings during the dawn of Epoch step or when setting up the Mine.3. Own towns/Feudums and play the Tax action. 4. Split the Farmers Purse or Church Coffer (only Monks and Farmers Guildmasters and Journeymen). 5. Trade goods from one of your farms with the Farmers Guild (2x goods for 1 shilling). 6. Pilfer 1 shilling when you move to an opponent's Silver Mine that contains at least 1 shilling. 7. Playing certain Royal Writ Mandates. 8. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all coins from his Silver mine in a location you rule, he pays you one shilling.
How do I get food?
1. Move and pilfer 1 good from farms/landscapes/map locations. 2. Trade goods from one of your farms with the Farmers Guild (2x goods for 1 food). 3. Purchase food (up to 3) from the Merchants Guild at the stated cost. 4. Alternative: nourish your Pawns with Wine instead of food. 5. Tend Orchards as a Serf and either take the food when the Orchard is established or during the dawn of Epoch replenish landscapes step. 6. Seals can be used as food in the Feudum: Seals & Sirens expansion. 7. Discard a Landscape tile from your supply to take 1 food (/good of your choice). 8. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all food from his orchard in a location you rule, he pays you one food. 9. Take farming kickbacks during Harvesting (possibly coupled with Inspecting the harvest with a Farmer pawn for increased likelihood of getting food).
How do I get Royal Seals?
1. Guild Action>Trade>Noble's Guild: buy 1 or 2 for 3/6 shillings. 2. Harvest Action>take favors while possessing a rosary bead to flip the bead over to the king's seal. 3. Satisfy the Royal Writ card that provides one king's seal when you reach 3 stars in the noble guild. 4. Play the King Daniel Royal Writ foil card to get 1-3 king's seals. 5. Successfully defend against a Starve the People action (by paying 1 food). 6. By playing the promotional Royal Signet Writ card.
Clarifications around Pilfering.
You are allowed to pilfer a good from a location you rule that is not a Farm. When an Outpost is upgraded into a Farm, any goods already present in that location (except goods on Landscapes) become part of that Farm and you cannot pilfer from your own farms.
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Clarifications around playing an Extra or Sequential actions.
You may play a Sulfur or a Saltpeter (but not both) during your card selection step. Once the good is selected you place it on your player pouch. This commits that good to be paid (to the haversack at the end of the round) irrespective if you actually take advantage of the Extra or Sequential action during that Round or not. In other words, you are not forced to play a Sequential/Extra action if you play a Sulfur/Saltpeter, still the good you selected is paid even if you elect not to take advantage of it.
How do I feast somebody?
As an example, to do a Feasted Farmer Push, where Green is Farmer Guild Master, you turn in a sulphur from your wine barrel then you must either: 1: Have a pawn in the same location as a Green Farmer pawn and perform a Feast; or 2: Have a pawn in a Green-ruled Farmer feudum and perform a Feast. When performing a successful Feasted Pull, you score 3+3 VPs and would draw a writ card as per normal. No Reeves are scored during feasts (neither own nor opponent's). A landscape tile in your supply can be exchanged into a wine sulfur immediately before the Feast.
If I am forced to play a Defend action prior to somebody after me in turn order playing Attack, is my Defend active or not? This can happen when somebody after me in turn order elects to play 5 action
Being forced to play the Defend card prior to the Attack means the Defend card will not add +1 to defense but the player still scores 1 VP.
When you buy goods from the Merchants Guild, can you pick where you buy the goods from or are they bought left to right or right to left?
You have to buy the cheapest option, so from right to left. Therefore, when the Merchant guild receives goods, it is filled from left to right.
If a location has 2 different color markers (Ruler & Serf), what happens if the Serf player influences there?
The existing Serf will be 'promoted' to Ruler, reinforced by a Subject of the same color due to the extra influence added to that location. The former Ruler is 'relegated' to the Serf position, taking over the existing landscape (if any). The location type (Outpost / Farm /Town / Feudum) is not relevant.
How does the attack sequence work?
Attacker plays Attack card at a location and declares target (opponent's Pawn or Feudum). Defender can then play Defend card out of turn. Attacker can then play Weapons/Saltpeter.
I need to place an influence marker into a Guild as I’ve just qualified to be the Guildmaster/Journeyman/Apprentice in that Guild but I’ve run out of markers! What do I do?
The moment you get an influence marker back into your supply, mark the relevant Guild spot if it still applies. Until you place that marker you are unable to execute Push/Pull or benefit from that Guild shillings or VP scorings. You can still trade with the Guild as this does not require membership.
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What do Archery butts do?
They are the only source of targets. Upon acquiring targets, they automatically get converted into influence markers taken from the supply. If there are not enough of your markers in the supply, you cannot get markers from the Knight’s guild instead. In this case, discard excess Targets to the supply.
What’s the difference between Unable to Push/Pull and Unsuccessful Push/Pull?
"Unable" A: If guild space does not permit it, certain Push/Pull actions cannot be executed, for example when the source guild is empty of goods or the destination guild is full of goods. (Unable to push/pull). If unable to do a particular Push/Pull action due to space restrictions, that action cannot be done and a different Guild action should be attempted. "Unsuccessful" A: In some cases a player can perform a Push/Pull and move stuff around (space does permit this) but score zero points as they did not fulfil the required Rows/Columns/etc (Unsuccessful push/pull). An Unsuccessful action allows the splitting of the Church coffer/Farmers purse but will not allow the scoring of Reeves. An unsuccessful pull does not allow the drawing of a Writ card.
The wording of nourishing a Pawn with Wine is a bit unclear, how does it work?
At the end of a Round, place a Sulphur good from your wine barrel atop a Pawn you own. It’s being fed this round. During the next round, it will have its Attack and Defense reduced to zero. At the end of that next round, remove the Sulphur from the Pawn – this satisfies the nourishing in that round. So a Wine cube nourishes a Pawn for 2 full rounds, however in that 2nd round the Pawn is drunk and it suffers the Attack and Defense penalty. (Official) Weapons/saltpeter can still be used by drunken Pawns as per normal rules.
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How does Epic Voyage award VPs at game end?
The track is divided into 4 separate sections. Each section is scored individually. Within a section, if you have the only disk present or you are in the lead, score the higher of the 2 values printed. If you tie for the lead (even if the tie is on the lower space), score the higher of the 2 values printed. Otherwise your disk will score the lower value in that section.
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How do weapons/saltpeter work when attacking?
Any pawn (even Monsters) can use one or more weapons when they attack. In addition, 1x Saltpeter can be spent to increase the attack by 1, unless a Knight is involved in the attack in which case Saltpeter use is not limited to just 1x.
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How do reeves work?
When you, as a Guildmaster/Journeyman do a successful push/pull scoring at least 3 VP: a) if you don’t have any Reeves in that guild, you can add one now from your supply and score +1 VP; b) if you already have a Reeve in that guild, you score +1 VP and another +1 VP for a Reeve at another Guild (if any). Max 2 VP extra. Reeves will not score if the Push/Pull scores 0 VP. Placed Reeves cannot be moved unless you are demoted to Apprentice (or are completely removed) in a particular Guild, in which case you retrieve your Reeve from that Guild and place it into your supply. When you throw a feast, you do not score your opponent's nor your own Reeves. Note each player has 3 disk tokens (of which 2 can be Reeves). If you use the 3 tokens to (1) go on an Epic Journey and (2) put out both Reeves in the Guilds, then (3) you have ZERO tokens left to perform Military Service. And in such a case, if you have a Feudum you'll lose the Military Service disfavour points at every epoch they are applied.
Can I play a Feast to push in the Alchemist guild, then repeat the Guild action later that round to trade with the Alchemist guild?
A feast still counts as interacting with a particular guild, so you may not interact twice with the same guild in one round.
Can I elect to Push/Pull less than the number of goods stated in the Guild action I'm doing?
Do I have to feed my Pawns at the end of a Round?
You MUST nourish if you have food/wine. You are not obligated to exchange a region tile into food or wine though. Reminder: Monsters do not need to be fed.
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Can I migrate an off-board Pawn into a location where I only have a Monster I control, having no other Pawns or influence there?
You may only migrate to where you have a character pawn or influence marker in your color, or to a starting location if you already have an Alchemist pawn on the board.
Is there a discard pile for played Royal Writ Mandate cards?
Played Mandates go facedown to the bottom of the Royal Writs card pile.
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Can a landscape tile be untended?
This can happen if a Starve the People action succeeds against the location's Serf, or if the location is a Feudum and is conquered. Untended landscape tiles still accrue benefits on them during Dawn of Epoch step, and will be tended again the moment a Serf is placed on that location.
Can I add an influence marker in an area where I am a lone ruler?
This allows your rule to be cemented in that location. It's not a requirement that a Serf is present there first.