How do reeves work?

When you, as a Guildmaster/Journeyman do a successful push/pull scoring at least 3 VP: a) if you don’t have any Reeves in that guild, you can add one now from your supply and score +1 VP; b) if you already have a Reeve in that guild, you score +1 VP and another +1 VP for a Reeve at another Guild (if any). Max 2 VP extra. Reeves will not score if the Push/Pull scores 0 VP. Placed Reeves cannot be moved unless you are demoted to Apprentice (or are completely removed) in a particular Guild, in which case you retrieve your Reeve from that Guild and place it into your supply. When you throw a feast, you do not score your opponent's nor your own Reeves. Note each player has 3 disk tokens (of which 2 can be Reeves). If you use the 3 tokens to (1) go on an Epic Journey and (2) put out both Reeves in the Guilds, then (3) you have ZERO tokens left to perform Military Service. And in such a case, if you have a Feudum you'll lose the Military Service disfavour points at every epoch they are applied.