How do I get shillings?

1. Become Guildmaster/Journeyman in Guilds, as these receive payments from players trading with that Guild. 2. Tend a Silver Mine as a Serf and collect the shillings during the dawn of Epoch step or when setting up the Mine.3. Own towns/Feudums and play the Tax action. 4. Split the Farmers Purse or Church Coffer (only Monks and Farmers Guildmasters and Journeymen). 5. Trade goods from one of your farms with the Farmers Guild (2x goods for 1 shilling). 6. Pilfer 1 shilling when you move to an opponent's Silver Mine that contains at least 1 shilling. 7. Playing certain Royal Writ Mandates. 8. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all coins from his Silver mine in a location you rule, he pays you one shilling.