How do I get food?

1. Move and pilfer 1 good from farms/landscapes/map locations. 2. Trade goods from one of your farms with the Farmers Guild (2x goods for 1 food). 3. Purchase food (up to 3) from the Merchants Guild at the stated cost. 4. Alternative: nourish your Pawns with Wine instead of food. 5. Tend Orchards as a Serf and either take the food when the Orchard is established or during the dawn of Epoch replenish landscapes step. 6. Seals can be used as food in the Feudum: Seals & Sirens expansion. 7. Discard a Landscape tile from your supply to take 1 food (/good of your choice). 8. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all food from his orchard in a location you rule, he pays you one food. 9. Take farming kickbacks during Harvesting (possibly coupled with Inspecting the harvest with a Farmer pawn for increased likelihood of getting food).