How do I get influence markers?

1. Purchase your row of markers from the Knights Guild for 3 shillings. 2. Have a Knight pawn on the board and play the Tax action card to get 1 marker from supply/Guild. 3. Retrieve Conquered/Starved rulers and/or subjects from the board. 4. When a monster you control is defeated, retrieve your influence marker used to show monster ownership. 5. Exchanging Archer butts from your Serf's landscape for influence (one for one), when establishing the landscape or at dawn of Epoch step. 6. Playing certain Royal Writ Mandate(s). 7. When an opponent's Serf decides to take all Archery butts from his landscape in a location you rule, he pays you one Archery butt. 8. When you are kicked out of a guild (demoted from Journeyman in a 2-3 player game, or demoted from Apprentice in a 4-6 player game), you retrieve your influence marker and any reeves in that guild back into your supply.