When a Stronghold is under siege, the troops within can only be attacked by an Army in the same region using an Action die for battle during the Action Resolution phase.

Any battle starting against a besieged Army is considered a siege battle.

During a siege battle, the attacker hits only on a result of ‘6’ or higher, while the defender hits on a result of ‘5’ or higher as normal.

Also, unlike a normal combat, a siege battle only lasts for one Combat round, unless the attacker decides to voluntarily reduce one of his participating Elite units to a Regular unit. If the attacker decides to do so, the siege battle lasts for an additional round.

It is possible to extend a siege battle repeatedly, as long as the attacker has available Elite units to reduce at the end of a round.

If a siege battle ends and there are still defending and besieging units left, the defenders are still considered under siege.


— A defending Army under siege may never choose to retreat to an adjacent region.

— An Army besieging a Stronghold is free to move away from the region. If no Army units are left behind, the Stronghold is no longer under siege.