The game board is a view of western Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age. In addition to the playing area proper, the game board also includes several spaces and tracks used to help the players keep track of various elements and components of the game.

Dwarves (brown)

Rohan (dark green)

Elves (light green)

Isengard (yellow)

Gondor (dark blue)

Sauron (red)

The North (light blue)

Southrons & Easterlings (orange)

1. Free Peoples Character Event Cards Box

2. Free Peoples Strategy Event Cards Box

3. Elven Rings Box (controlled by the Free Peoples player)

4. Army Boxes

5. Stronghold Boxes

6. Hunt Box

7. Victory Points Track

8. Elven Rings Box (controlled by the Shadow player)

9. Fellowship Track

10. Fellowship of the Ring Box

11. Guide of the Fellowship Box

12. Political Track

13. Mordor Track

14. Shadow Character Event Cards Box

15. Shadow Strategy Event Cards Box