War of the Ring: Second Edition



This new edition of the game introduces a few subtle but important changes from the First Edition. They are summarized here for the benefit of players already familiar with the First Edition:

Character Abilities: Gandalf the Grey, Gollum, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took and the Witch-king now have modified special abilities (see their Character cards). The changes to Gandalf the Grey (Guide ability) and the Witchking (mustering pre-requisites, “Sorcerer” ability) are especially important to take notice of.

Event Cards: Many Event cards have been revised to improve their effectiveness, or simplify their use. The “Ents Awake,” “Paths of the Woses” and “The Last Battle” cards have modified effects.

Army Setup: The setup for the Dwarves has been modified.

Action Dice: The Shadow player must allocate a minimum of 1 Action die to the Hunt if the Free Peoples player placed at least one Action die in the Hunt Box in the previous turn.

Use of Combat Cards: Combat cards are now chosen and played using a modified sequence.

The Hunt: There is a new sequence for the Hunt resolution, to streamline the application of Event cards and Special Abilities.

Entering Mordor: To enter Mordor, it is now sufficient that the Ring-bearers are located in Minas Morgul or Morannon, without the requirement of declaring the Fellowship. As a consequence, the Fellowship can enter Mordor even if it is not Hidden.