All friendly Army units, Leaders and Characters inside a single region form an Army.

An Army can be composed of units belonging to different Nations fighting on the same side.

If a moving Army enters a region occupied by another friendly Army, the two Armies are merged into a single Army at the end of the action.

Likewise, an Army can be splitted by simply moving part of its units into an adjacent region and leaving the rest behind.


A single region can contain a maximum of 10 Army units.

If, at the end of any action (for example, after moving or mustering troops), more than 10 units are in the same region, the excess units must be removed from the game by the controlling player.

Units removed in this way can re-enter the game later as reinforcements.


Along the left side of the board can be found three numbered Army Boxes.

If the size and number of plastic figures happen to be troublesome to physically fit in a single region, the controlling player may move some or all his figures from a region to a free Army Box, placing the corresponding numbered Army counter in the region for identification purposes. Figures can be moved back to the board from the Army Box at any time.

Players must be careful not to exceed the stacking limit when making use of an Army Box. For all game purposes, the figures in the box are considered to be in the region containing the Army counter.

Example: The Free Peoples player moves an Army composed of 10 Gondor regular units in Lossarnach, and finds out that they take up too much space. Army Box number 3 is free, so the player removes 8 of the Gondor regular figures and places them in the Army Box. He then places the Army counter number 3 in Lossarnach with the remaining two figures. Whenever it becomes necessary, the counter may be replaced by the figures in the box.