War of the Ring: Second Edition




The Political counter of a Nation is advanced (by moving it down a step toward the “At War” step) on the Political Track by using a Muster Action die result or by playing certain Event cards.

Additionally, the counter of a Nation is automatically advanced one step if any of the following events occur:

— Every time an Army containing units of that Nation is attacked (each battle counts as one attack regardless of the number of rounds fought). Also, remember that when a Nation’s Army is attacked, that Nation becomes active.

— Every time a Nation’s Settlement (Town, City, or Stronghold) is captured by the opponent.

Example: The Shadow player is attacking an Army of the North in the City of Dale. After the first round of combat, the Free Peoples player decides to retreat the only surviving North Regular unit. The Shadow Army advances into the now captured City and places a Control marker on it. As a result, the North nation is activated and its Political counter is moved two steps on the Political Track since a North Army was attacked and a North City captured by the Shadow.