At the beginning of the game, the Free Peoples player receives three counters, representing the Elven Rings of Power. He keeps each counter in the Elven Rings Box on the game board, with the Ring side face up, until he decides to use it.

When the Free Peoples player uses an Elven Ring, he flips over the counter to show its “Flaming Eye” side and gives it to the Shadow player. After the Shadow player uses the counter, it is discarded from play.

Each Elven Ring/Eye counter can thus be used once by its owner in the following way:

When a player is eligible to take an action during the Action Resolution phase, he may use an Elven Ring to change the result shown on one of his unused Action dice to another Action die result of his choice.

A player that just used an Elven Ring to change a die result then proceeds to take a regular action, choosing any one Action die result (not necessarily the one he has just changed with the Elven Ring). He can also skip or pass the action, if eligible to do so.

The use of an Elven Ring is subject to the following limitations:

— Only one Elven Ring may be used by the same player during the course of a single turn.

— The Free Peoples player may not use an Elven Ring to change an Action die to a “Will of the West” result.

— The Shadow player can use an Elven Ring to change a die result into an “Eye” result (that die is immediately moved to the Hunt Box). This does not count as an action, so he may then take an action normally. However, he cannot do the opposite and use an Elven Ring to change the result of an Action die already showing an “Eye” result.

Elven Ring Counters

Front: controlled by the Free Peoples player

Back: controlled by the Shadow player