War of the Ring: Second Edition




When attacking an enemy defending a region containing a Stronghold, before every combat round, the defender must choose to either fight a field battle or retreat into a siege.

Retreating into a Siege

As soon as the defender retreats into a siege, the region around the Stronghold is left open to the enemy, who may immediately advance into the region.

If the attacking Army chooses to advance, the Stronghold is now considered under siege and the battle is over.

The defending figures are now considered to be inside the Stronghold itself and are placed in the appropriate Stronghold Box found on the game board (if needed for space considerations).

A Stronghold under siege can contain a maximum of five Army units (and any number of Leaders). Any unit in excess of five is removed immediately when a Stronghold comes under siege. Units removed in this way can re–enter the game later as reinforcements.

A siege ends if the attacking Army leaves the region, or if at any time the attacking or defending Army is completely eliminated.

During the siege, the region surrounding the Stronghold is considered free for the besieging player, while the Stronghold itself remain controlled by the player under siege.

When a siege ends, move any surviving defenders from the Stronghold Box to its region on the map again.