War of the Ring: Second Edition




While a Companion remains in the Fellowship, he may not have any influence on the game except for his “Guide” ability (if he is the Guide) and for his influence on the Hunt for the Ring.

To participate in battles and in the politics of Middle-earth, he must be separated from the Fellowship.

During the Action Resolution phase, the Free Peoples player can separate one Companion (or a group of Companions) from the Fellowship by using a Character Action die result (unless the Fellowship is on the Mordor Track, where this is prohibited).

When a Companion separates from the Fellowship, the figure of the separated Companion is moved from the Fellowship Box to the region on the map where the Ringbearers are located.

The Companion may then move a number of regions up to the number of the step of the Fellowship Track the Fellowship Progress counter is on, plus his Companion Level.

If the Free Peoples player separates a group of Companions, he moves their figures together to one region that can be reached by the Companion with the highest Level in the group.

The movement of separated Companions follows the same rules as that of Character movement. Note that if the Ring-bearers figure is currently located in a region containing a Stronghold under siege that is controlled by the Free Peoples, the Companion(s) will separate into the Stronghold and may not leave.

When separating Companions, the Free Peoples player removes their Character cards from the Fellowship deck and removes the Companion counters from the Fellowship Box as well.

Example: The Fellowship’s last known position is in Rivendell, and the Fellowship Progress counter is currently on the fifth step of the Fellowship Track. The Free Peoples player decides to separate Legolas (Level 2) and Meriadoc (Level 1) as a group. Legolas and Meriadoc can be moved up to 7 regions (5+2) from Rivendell. The player decides to move them together to the Woodland Realm.

If the Guide of the Fellowship is separated from the Fellowship, one of the highest Level Companions remaining in the Fellowship becomes the new Guide (or Gollum becomes the Guide, if all the Companions have left).

Once a Companion separates from the Fellowship, he can never rejoin.