War of the Ring: Second Edition




During the Action Resolution phase, the Free Peoples player may advance the Fellowship Progress counter by using a Character result on an Action die, or by using certain Event cards.

Every time the Fellowship moves, the Fellowship Progress counter is advanced one step on the Fellowship Track (keeping the Progress counter on the Hidden side).

After each time the Fellowship Progress counter moves, the Shadow player has a chance to Hunt for the moving Fellowship. The Dark Lord of Mordor hopes to regain his precious Ring by corrupting the Ring-bearers, killing the Companions, or, at the very least, locating the whereabouts of the Fellowship.

If the Fellowship moves more than once in a turn, the Hunt becomes increasingly dangerous: every time that an Action die is used to move the Fellowship, that die is added to the Hunt Box after the Hunt has been completed.

Exception: When the Free Peoples player moves the Fellowship using an Event card, the Action die used to play the card is not added to the Hunt Box.

Any Action dice that the Free Peoples player places in the Hunt Box are returned to him at the beginning of the next turn.