War of the Ring: Second Edition





Every time the Free Peoples player moves the Fellowship, the Shadow player rolls dice to determine the effect of the Hunt.

The effect of the Hunt is determined as follows.

First, the Shadow player determines the Hunt Level. The Hunt Level is equal to the total number of Shadow Action dice in the Hunt Box.

Note: These dice were placed in the Hunt Box by the Shadow player during the Hunt Allocation phase, plus any Eye dice that he rolled during the Action roll phase.

Then, the Shadow player makes a Hunt roll by rolling a number of Combat dice equal to the Hunt Level. Each result of ‘6’ is a success.

The maximum number of dice that can be rolled for a Hunt roll is five. A Hunt Level in excess of five does not add further dice to the roll.

Modifiers to the Hunt Roll

If the Fellowship has moved more than once per turn, the Hunt becomes easier.

For every Action die that the Free Peoples player has placed in the Hunt Box (a Free Peoples Action die is placed here after every movement of the Fellowship), the Shadow player adds +1 to each Hunt roll die result.

If a die result is ‘6’ or higher after this addition, it is a success.

Example: When the Fellowship moves for the first time during a turn, the Shadow player needs to roll ‘6’ results on his Hunt dice to achieve a successful Hunt. If the Fellowship, however, is moving for the second time (after the Free Peoples player has used an Action die for the first movement and placed it in the Hunt Box), the Shadow player needs only to roll a ‘5’ or ‘6’ for a successful Hunt.

Note: A roll of ‘1’ is always a failure, regardless of any modifier.

Hunt Re-rolls

The presence of Sauron’s servants or Strongholds makes movement of the Fellowship more dangerous.

If, during the Hunt, the Ring-bearers are in a region that contains one or more of the following:

— A Stronghold controlled by the Shadow player

— One or more Shadow Army units

— One or more Nazgûl

then, the Shadow player can, after the Hunt roll, re-roll one failed Hunt roll die for each of these conditions that apply.

Example 1: Three Army units and two Nazgûl are in the region that contains the Fellowship figure, so the Shadow player may re-roll two dice (one for the presence of Army units, and another for the presence of the Nazgûl).

Example 2: One Nazgûl, four Army units, and a Shadow Stronghold are in the region containing the Fellowship figure, so the Shadow player may re-roll three dice (because all the listed conditions apply).

Re-rolls also receive the +1 bonus for each Free Peoples die in the Hunt Box.