The Free Peoples team goes first.

The non-Leading Player on the Free Peoples team chooses an Action die and uses it for any of the Nations he controls or for any action relating to the Fellowship or any individual Companions, such as moving or hiding the Fellowship or moving Companions on the map.

Then the non-Leading Player in the Shadow team uses an Action die, followed by the Leading Player on the Free Peoples team, and then the Leading Player on the Shadow team.

The actions are all taken in that order until both teams have used all of their Action dice.

If a player decides to pass an action, he is still entitled to take his next action after the opposing team has taken their action.


Each player only controls certain Nations and can only use his Action dice and Event cards to recruit, move, or fight with Armies of these Nations. Only the player who controls a Nation may move the Political counter of that nation, unless the special ability of a Character is used.