War of the Ring: Second Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the rivers on the map be crossed?
Rivers between two white lines are considered normal borders.
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When do the special Hunt tiles come into play?
In Mordor
If Event cards that put special Hunt tiles in play are played, the special Hunt tiles mentioned on the cards are added to the Hunt Pool when the Fellowship enters the Mordor Track.
What the Stop symbols on the Shadow special Hunt tiles do?
Cancel Move
Each Shadow special Hunt tile has a Stop symbol on it. If one these tiles is drawn when the Ring-bearers attempt to advance on the Mordor Track, the Ring-bearers are not moved.
How does the Shadow special Hunt tile with a die symbol work?
Roll Die
If the Hunt tile with a die symbol is drawn, the Hunt damage is determined with a single rolled Combat die (standard six-sided die).
When is the Free Peoples Action die placed in the Hunt Box?
After Move
When an Action die is used for advancing the Fellowship's position, the used Action die is placed in the Hunt Box after the movement and the Hunt for the Ring is resolved. This way it doesn't affect the said action, but makes any additional attempts to move the Fellowship riskier during the same turn.
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Does the Ring-bearers figure need to be in Morannon or Minas Morgul at the start of a Fellowship phase to move on the Mordor Track?
The Ring-bearers must be in Morannon or Minas Morgul during a Fellowship phase. The position may be declared to move the Ring-bearers to Morannon or Minas Morgul, from which they can be moved on to the Mordor Track during the same Fellowship phase.
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How many re-rolls Characters provide in battle?
See Card
Each Character's Leadership is shown on the Character cards.
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Can Armies enter other friendly Nations if not "At War"?
Armies from Nations not "At War" cannot enter other Nations (friendly or not). However, they can go outside their Nation's borders as long as they don't enter other Nations.
How to enter the Mordor Track?
Fellowship Phase
Free Peoples player may choose to enter the Mordor Track if the Fellowship is in Morannon or Minas Morgul during a Fellowship Phase. The Fellowship may Declare its own position before entering.
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Why do I need to hide the Fellowship if it is Revealed?
To Move
Revealed Fellowship's position cannot be advanced until it is hidden again.
How does the Strategy Event deck differ from the Character deck?
Card Effects
Cards in the Strategy deck usually offer military and political options to the player. Cards in the Character deck are often related to the Fellowship and to the actions of Companions and Minions on the map.
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Can Leaders or Characters be chosen as casualties during a battle?
Leaders and Characters participating in a battle are eliminated if their accompanying Army units are eliminated. Note that Characters are not eliminated if Army units in the same region are removed due to an Event card.
How many Combat cards can be played during combat?
1 Per Round
Each side participating in the battle may play one Combat card each Combat round.
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What's the difference between Regular and Elite Army units?
For each hit the enemy scores in combat, one Regular Army unit has to be eliminated, or one Elite unit has to be downgraded to a Regular one of the same Nation, Elite units can be eliminated to deal with two hits. Siege battles last only for one Combat round, unless the attacker downgrades an Elite unit to a Regular unit to prolong the siege.
How many dice are rolled in combat?
Combat Strength
You get to roll a number of Combat dice equal to the Combat Strength of your participating Army, which is equal to the number of Army units in your Army. Leaders and Characters do not increase the amount of dice rolled, but provide re-rolls. The amount of dice to roll may be affected by played Combat cards.
Are "Revealing" and "Declaring" the Fellowship's position the same thing?
Free Peoples may "Declare" the Fellowship's position during the Fellowship phase to activate a Nation, heal Corruption, or to gain some other benefit. The term "Reveal" is used when the Fellowship is revealed to the Shadow, for example as result of a successful Hunt.
When do I move the Ring-bearers figure?
The Fellowship is advanced by moving the Fellowship Progress counter up on the Fellowship Progress Track. When the Fellowship is Revealed, or its position is Declared, the Ring-bearers figure is moved according to the Fellowship Progress counter's position on the track.
Can War of the Ring be played with more than two people?
War of the Ring can be played with 2-4 players. When playing with more than two players, you will be organized in two teams.
Combat card effect tells me to "subtract" Leadership. Is it synonymous with "forfeiting" Leadership?
"Subtracting" Leadership is synonymous with "forfeiting" Leadership. Combat cards "Cruel as Death" and "They are Terrible" use this wording.
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