War of the Ring: Second Edition




At the start of the game, all Settlements belong to the Nation in which their region is located.

A settlement is considered captured when:

— An enemy Army enters a region containing a City, or Town, or unoccupied Stronghold, or

— All the units defending a Stronghold are eliminated and the besieging Army still has at least one unit remaining in the region.

The capturing player places a Settlement Control marker on the region to indicate his control.

A captured City, Town or Stronghold cannot be used for mustering troops or advancing the Political Track.

Captured Cities and Strongholds award the capturing player Victory points for the purpose of determining a Military Victory. Advance the Victory Point marker of the capturing player on the Victory Point Track by one step for a captured City, or two steps for a captured Stronghold.

If the original owner of the region is able to recapture it, the Settlement Control marker is removed and any Victory points earned from the conquest are lost.

Settlement Control Markers

Free Peoples Settlement Control Marker

Shadow Settlement Control Marker