Free Peoples

— The Gondor player controls the Gondor and Elven Nations.

— The Rohan player controls the Rohan, North, and Dwarven Nations.

— Any player may move or hide the Fellowship.

— Any player may move or separate Companions.

— The effects of the Hunt on the Fellowship are decided and applied by the Leading Player.

Shadow Armies

— The Witch-king player controls the Sauron Nation, the Witch-king, and the Mouth of Sauron.

— The Saruman and Sauron Allies player controls the Isengard and Southron & Easterling Nations, as well as Saruman.

— Any player may hunt the Fellowship.

— Any player may move the Nazgûl, but only the Witch-king player may recruit new Nazgûl.

— The number of Action dice allocated to the Hunt Box before the Action die roll is decided by the Leading Player.