War of the Ring: Second Edition




A region can be empty, or contain either a Fortification or one of three types of Settlements (Town, City, or Stronghold).


A Fortification in a region offers easily defendable positions, such as a ruin, a fort, or a ford crossing a river. There are two Fortifications on the map: in the regions of Osgiliath and the Fords of Isen.



Settlements represent locations that are vital to the economy and defense of a Nation. A region containing a Settlement gives several advantages to the player controlling it.

Towns represent populated areas that allow the recruitment of troops of a specific Nation. The presence of a Town is shown on the board by the symbol of the appropriate Nation.

Free Peoples Town

Shadow Town

Cities represent major urban centers and can also be used to recruit troops. They also provide an advantage in combat to defending troops.

Free Peoples City

Shadow City

Strongholds represent fortresses, Elven homes, and the greatest capitals of Middle-earth. Troops may be recruited in Strongholds, and defenders receive a very strong advantage in battle.

Note: Each Stronghold on the board is matched by a Stronghold Box with the same drawing (or with a generic drawing in the case of Shadow Strongholds).

Free Peoples Stronghold

Shadow Stronghold

The Cities and Strongholds of Middle-earth give Victory points to a player who captures them from the enemy.

In both Cities and Strongholds, the color of the frame shows which player initially controls it (red for the Shadow, blue for the Free Peoples). The icon in the upper corner shows which Nation the City or Stronghold belongs to.

The symbol appearing on a City is a reminder that control of this region is worth 1 Victory point to the opponent.

The symbol appearing on a Stronghold is a reminder that control of this Stronghold is worth 2 Victory points to the opponent.


Event cards may refer to an unconquered Settlement. A Settlement is unconquered if it is controlled by the same player who controlled it at the beginning of the game. A Settlement which was captured by the opponent, and then recaptured by its original owner, is “unconquered” once again. A Stronghold under siege is considered unconquered if the besieged Army belongs to the original owner.