War of the Ring: Second Edition




Each Companion and his abilities are described on his Character card.

At the beginning of the game, all Companions are in the Fellowship and their cards are stacked together to form the Fellowship deck (set aside the cards of Gollum, Aragorn – Heir to Isildur and Gandalf the White).

The deck is placed in the Guide of the Fellowship Box on the game board. As long as a Companion is in the Fellowship, his corresponding card is left in the Fellowship deck.

When a Companion leaves the Fellowship, his card is removed from the deck and placed on the table in front of the Free Peoples player.

Each Character card contains the following information about the depicted Companion:

— His Level, a number that is used during the Hunt for the Ring and when moving the Companion.

— His Nation icon, indicating which Nations the Companion is able to activate.

— His Special Ability that is only in effect when he is the Guide of the Fellowship.

— His Special Ability that is in effect after he has left the Fellowship.

— His Leadership Rating used in battle.