War of the Ring: Second Edition




In Mordor, the power of the Dark Lord is everywhere, and the burden of the Ring becomes heavier with every step. The Mordor Track is the final part of the quest to destroy the One Ring.

The track is represented by the circles superimposed on the Gorgoroth region on the map. Note that the circles are not actually considered to be part of that region, and the Fellowship is not considered to be in the Gorgoroth region, or any other region, when on the Mordor Track.

If the Fellowship is in Minas Morgul or Morannon during a Fellowship phase, the Free Peoples player may decide to enter Mordor. In this case, immediately proceed to the following steps (after fully resolving the declaration of the Fellowship’s position, if necessary):

1) Place the Ring-bearers figure on the first step of the Mordor Track (labeled with the Elven numeral ‘0’). From this moment on, the Fellowship is considered to be “On the Mordor Track.” The Fellowship Progress counter is no longer advanced on the Fellowship Track, but it is still used to show whether the Fellowship is Hidden or Revealed.

2) Create a new Hunt Pool by placing all Eye tiles previously drawn back with the remaining tiles of the Hunt Pool, and also add any special tiles put in play by Event cards. Do not place back in the pool any Eye tile which was permanently removed from the game.

Special Rules

The following special rules apply when the Fellowship is on the Mordor Track:

— Companions in the Fellowship can never be separated, either as a result of using Action dice or as the effect of special abilities or Event cards. Anything that would normally separate a Companion removes him from the game instead.

— When the Free Peoples player tries to move the Fellowship during the Action Resolution phase, do not roll the Hunt dice. Instead, automatically draw one tile from the Hunt Pool. The effects of this tile are applied normally as for a successful Hunt, except for the following:

— If the tile drawn shows an Eye, the Hunt damage is equal to the number of dice in the Hunt Box (including Free Peoples dice previously used for moving the Fellowship during the same turn).

— Normally the Fellowship advances one step on the Mordor Track when moving. However, if the tile shows a Stop icon, the Fellowship remains on the same step and does not move forward.

— The Fellowship is still required to be Hidden in order to advance on the Mordor Track. If the Fellowship is Revealed, the Free Peoples player must, as normal, use a Character Action die result to hide the Fellowship once again.

— If, at the end of the Action Resolution phase, the Free Peoples player has not attempted to move or hide the Fellowship on the Mordor Track during that turn, one Corruption is automatically added to the Ring-bearers.

— When the Fellowship has completed all five steps on the Mordor Track, the Crack of Doom has been reached and the Free Peoples player wins the game.