Starting with the Free Peoples, players alternate actions selecting one of their Action dice and immediately taking the action made available by the specific die result.

Each Action die is printed with a set of distinctive icons, corresponding to different game actions.

When an action has been completed, the corresponding die is considered “used” and is set aside until needed again for the next turn.

The only exception to this rule is that each time the Free Peoples player uses an Action die to move the Fellowship, he places that die in the Hunt Box after completing the action rather than setting it aside (note that the die is returned to the Free Peoples player during the Recover Action Dice and Draw Event Cards phase of the next turn).

If a player has fewer unused Action dice than his opponent (typically the Free Peoples player will have fewer Action dice than the Shadow player), he can pass instead of taking an action, thus allowing the opponent to take another action.

A player may also choose to skip an action and discard one of his Action dice without effect, instead of using that die to take an action.

If a player runs out of actions before his opponent has done the same, the opponent executes his remaining actions one after the other.