Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Battling - Reminder


General Information

When an army or Vessel moves into a Region with enemy Units or Structures, its movement ends and a Battle occurs.

One player’s army will be victorious and allowed to remain in the Region. The other army must leave and possibly lose Units.

The player who initiates the Battle, called the attacker, immediately gains 1 VP (advance the Score Token).

Note: A player who uses an ability to move enemy Units into a Region with their own Units is still initiating the Battle and considered the attacker.

Battling Overview and Types of Battle

See the related rules section for more details:

- Total Each Army’s Strength

- Select a Tactic Card to Play

- Sacrifice Units in Battle

- Resolve the Battle

- Battling with Towers

- Battling with Vessels

- Battling a Capital City

- Destroying a Capital City