Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Battling with a Solo Enemy


When Battling:

- You first choose your Tactic Card.

- Then, draw and reveal 1 Solo Action Card, noting the Strength value listed at the bottom.

This value is added to the Enemy army's total Strength.

In addition, a Tactic Card is listed, which is different depending on whether the Enemy is attacking or defending. This Tactic Card DOES NOT add additional Strength to the Enemy’s army nor does it grant VP (only the Solo Action Card does), but it may change the result of your Tactic Card.

Note: If your Tactic Card cancels the Enemy's Tactic then the Solo Action Card's added Strength is cancelled as well.

If the Enemy loses a Battle, they lose Units like a normal player, but weak to strong:

Serfs > Warriors > Air Vessel > Sea Vessel > Hero

Any surviving Units return to the Capital City Courtyard. In the event that a Hero is destroyed, it immediately respawns in the Courtyard.