Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Capital Action: Research or Scribe Spell


Select this Action to choose 1 of 2 options:

1. Conjure Spells

- Draw 3 Spell Cards from the Spell Deck.

- Choose which cards to keep in your Spell Library and which to discard.

- Discard Spells (from those you drew and/or from those already in your Spell Library) until the number of Spells in your Spell Library is equal to your current Hand Limit.

Note that there is a Spell Library Hand Limit based on the player's C.C. Level.

2. Scribe a Spell

- Take 1 Spell Card in your Spell Library.

- Permanently place it face-up in a Scribed Spell Slot on the right side of the C.C. Board.

Note that Scribed Spells cannot be discarded at any time. Players may have only as many scribed Spells as the level of their Capital City.

Note that you may only Scribe Spell Cards labeled "CAST." You may never Scribe Spell Cards labeled "COMBAT" or