Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Capital Action: Build


Pay Resources to...

✴ Build a Vessel in the C.C. Region (required Building needed). Building a Vessel is the same as Recruiting a Vessel, except a Build Action is used.

✴ Build a new Building on the C.C. Board
Upgrade the Capital City to the Next Level
✴ Build a Tower

Build a New Building

- Pay 3 Ore and then

- move a Serf from the Courtyard, placing it onto the Worker Space underneath the Building.

This indicates that it is built. Now the player has access to its abilities listed above as well as the Hero or Vessel, now being available to recruit (or build in the case of Vessels) during a future action.

The Serf used to build the Building MUST stay on this Worker Space for the remainder of the game and cannot be used in any other action, nor can it be destroyed or sacrificed.

Upgrade the Capital City to the Next Level

- Pay the Resources listed in the next level’s banner on the C.C. Board.

- To signify the new level, stack the next smaller C.C. Construct from the supply on top of the existing C.C. Construct.

Build a Tower

A player may build a Tower in a Land Region where they have a Serf present.

The cost of building a Tower is 1 Ore for EACH Land Region away from the Capital City the target Region is.

This distance should be the minimum number of Land Regions it would take a Unit to March there.