Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Command Action: Fly an Air Vessel


Using its Speed, an Air Vessel...

• May Fly through adjacent Land Regions, as if it
were marching (including between Towers and
the Capital City).

• May not use Ferry Routes.

• May Fly through Sea Regions, but may not end
flight in a Sea Region.

• May Fly into a Sea Region to Battle a Sea Vessel,
but if it survives it has only 1 Speed to return to
a friendly or unoccupied Land Region. If it
cannot do this, the Air Vessel is destroyed.

• May pass through unexplored Land Regions, and also may end its flight to explore Regions with Land Exploration Tokens. However, if there are no Units aboard the vessel and the token’s outcome requires the player to lose a “Unit,” the player must lose the Air Vessel.

• May not explore Sea Regions.

• MUST stop in a Region with enemy Units or Structures to Battle.

• May Fly through a Desert Region WITHOUT stopping.

Note: Air Vessels may not move using a March Action.