Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Capital City Board Overview


Each Capital City Board represents the Capital City (C.C.) of a Faction. The Multiplayer side includes:


At the top of the C.C. Board is the Courtyard and an Action Bar that includes 9 Action Slots split into 2 types of actions:

Capital Actions and Command Actions.

These represent the game actions that a player may perform using Action Tokens and Serfs (from the Courtyard).

Left border

Towers: lists the game information for Towers to be built and used.

Capital City Levels: represents the current level of a Faction’s C.C. (always starting at Lv. 1). The necessary game information needed for each future level to be built is included on the C.C. Board.

Buildings and Abilities: lists the Faction’s Buildings that can be built. Buildings grant unique abilities and, as the level of the C.C. increases, more abilities become available.


Units and Vessels: lists the Faction’s Units and Vessels (Vessels are also considered Units). These are available to be recruited.

Right border

Resource Track: The numbered spaces on the track represent the amount of each Resource a player has, marked by Resource Tokens.

No one Resource type can ever exceed "10".

Scribed Spells: Slots for Spell Cards to be “permanently scribed” during a Research Action and which may be Cast without discarding.


The Courtyard is considered the Capital City Region. Units in the Courtyard are also in the Capital City Region and vice versa.