Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Resolving the Battle


The army with the highest Strength value wins, with ties going to the defender.

The winning army...

- remains in the Region and loses no Units, except for Sacrificed Units (if any) to pay for their Tactic Card.

The losing army...

- takes “Damage” and must lose Units and/or Structures whose Natural Strength totals at least half of the the losing army's Natural Strength (rounded up). Natural Strength of the loser's army is calculated AFTER removing any Sacrificed Units. Damage is deducted from each Unit, Vessel, or Tower's own Natural Strength, and the losing player may choose which Units are lost. Any Tower MUST be lost first since it may not remain in the Region with enemy Units and may not be moved to your Capital City.

- Damage must be assigned completely to one Tower, Unit, or Vessel before the rest of the damage is assigned to remaining Units or Vessels.

- If a Structure, Unit, or Vessel takes any damage at all, even 1, it is destroyed. Destroyed Units are returned to the supply.

- Any remaining Units must be returned to that player's Capital City or a Region containing a Tower they control.