Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Solo Action: Build Towers and Vessels


The Enemy pays Resources to build 1 feature.

Units/Towers are built in priority order, meaning if they cannot be built then move to the next Unit in order:

1) Tower > 2) Air Vessel > 3) Sea Vessel

This action will fail if the Enemy does not have the required Resources available.


Towers are placed in the Region of the Hero who took the action.

Just like a normal player, the Enemy may not build more Towers than its Capital City Level allows, and a Serf is required to be in the Region to build a Tower.

When the Enemy's Tower reveals all adjacent Exploration Tokens, those tokens are collected and placed on the designated space on the Enemy's Faction Board.


Vessels are placed in the Region of the Hero who took the action. In the case of a Sea Vessel, the Hero must be on a Shore Region. If it’s not on a Shore Region, the Sea Vessel will be built in the Capital City instead.

The Enemy will try to fit as many Units in the Vessel as possible, prioritizing Heroes first, then Warriors, then Serfs. If the Hero is already in a Vessel, the new Vessel is placed in the Capital City.