Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Capital Action: Recruit Units


How to Recruit Units

Pay Resources to recruit 1 new Unit.

The cost to recruit is listed in the banner next to the Unit name at the bottom of the C.C. Board.

Example: A Warrior costs 2 Food to recruit.

After paying the cost, the Unit is placed in the Courtyard.

Only 1 Unit can be recruited with this Action each time it is taken.

Exception: Serfs - 3 Food may be spent to recruit 2 Serfs.

Each Warrior in play is worth 1 VP at the end of the game.

Recruiting Heroes and Vessels

Players can recruit Heroes and Vessels if certain Buildings are built in the Capital City (see "Capital Action: Build").

Heroes' Abilities

Each Hero comes with 3 unique abilities, as noted on their Hero Card.

Each ability is aligned with "I", "II", and "III", which are unlocked by upgrading your current Capital City Level (see "Capital Action: Build").


In the event that abilities conflict with the game's rules, the abilities always takes precedence.

Placing Vessels on the Map

When Recruited or Built, Vessels are placed on the Map, not into the Courtyard.

Sea Vessels must start docked on the Shore of your Capital City Region, which is the border between the Land Region and its adjacent Sea Region.

Air Vessels start fully in the Capital City Region.

Boarding Vessels

Units may be exchanged freely between the Vessel and the Land Region it occupies or whose Shore it is docked with (in the case of Sea Vessels).

That includes boarding from the Courtyard into the Vessel if it is in the Capital City Region.

Each Vessel has a maximum capacity of 2 Units, as listed on the C.C. Board.

Vessels cannot be boarded while moving.