Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

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Tactic Cards: Each player has a hand of 7 Tactic Cards (marked “X of 7”) to be used during Battle.

Spell Cards: Gained each round, and by taking the Research Action (see Researching for Spells). Spells can be used by Casting them (see Cast a Spell).

Solo Action Cards: Used in the Solo Play Variant to dictate the actions of the Solo Enemy (see Solo Play Variant rules).

Resource Tokens: Used to track Ore, Mana, and Food amounts on each player's Resource Track.

Exploration Tokens: Placed face-down onto unexplored Land and Sea Regions on the map (except Capital City Regions) and then flipped and resolved when Units first enter a Region containing one. There are 2 kinds of Exploration Tokens: Land and Sea.

First Player Token: A Token that is given to the first player each round to perform the first action, and will pass to the next player at the end of the round.

Quick Reference Sheet: A quick reference of gameplay and the effects of Exploration Tokens.