Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Component Overview: Faction Components


A Faction consists of a Capital City Board, a supply of Units, Hero Cards, several types of Constructs, and several Tokens.

Capital City Board: Placed directly in front of each player.

It contains the information needed for gameplay, an Action Bar, and an an area to track a player's Resources.

Units: 20 Miniatures for each Faction kept in a supply.

These consist of 3 Heroes, 5 Warriors, and 12 Serfs.

Hero Cards: Each Hero has a corresponding Hero Card that lists their special abilities.

Faction Tokens: Two kinds–1 Score Token (square) for tracking Victory Points, and 2 Action Tokens (shield) for marking a chosen action during Action Selection.


Capital City Levels: 3 stackable structural Constructs that represent a Faction’s Capital City location and level.

The Capital City is considered a "Structure."

Towers: 3 structural Constructs that can be built by a Faction on a Land Region.

Towers are considered "Structures," NOT Units.

Sea Vessel: A movable vessel Construct that can carry Units into Sea Regions.

A Sea Vessel is considered a "Unit."

Air Vessel: A movable vessel Construct that can carry Units over Land or Sea Regions.

An Air Vessel is considered a "Unit."