Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Totaling Armies' Strength


The attacking Human army is in the Plains Region:

• has a Natural Strength of 8: 1 Paladin (4), 1 Warrior (2), and 2 Serfs (2x1).

+2 from bonuses from the Paladin's ability and the Cathedral’s ability ("Warriors are +1 if Battling in the Plains Region").
+3 from casting the Combat Spell “Rage."

The total Strength of the Human army is now: 13

The defending Orc army:

• has a Natural Strength of 4: 2 Warriors (2x2).
+4 in bonuses from the Blood Tent’s ability (“Every Serf in your enemy's army grants +1 ”) and the Barracks’ ability (“Your Warriors are +1 ”)
• The Orc player casts "Magic Arrow" ("Destroy 1 Warrior or Serf") instantly destroying the Human Warrior.

• The total Strength of the Orc army is now: 8

Since the Human army loses its Warrior to "Magic Arrow", its total is now: 10